Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Black Beans & Quinoa with Chipotle Raspberry Sauce

OK, this photo quality is pretty crappy (not that mine are ever great) and does not do the meal justice at all, however I still wanted to post this as it's such an unusual combination of ingredients and really must be tried to be believed.... I wanted to give this a go the moment it appeared in my RSS feeds!

The funny thing is when raspberries were spotted on the bench tonight, hubby and son had an immediate mindset that they weren't going to like their dinner and also tried to sneak a bite before it was served up with the sauce and toasted almonds. They were proved wrong pretty quickly when they tasted the finished result! I tried to explain that Isa really knows her stuff...

This was made as per the recipe in Isa's blog, no modifications at all. If you like the sound of it you should definitely try this too, it's a nice quick dinner with a difference!

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