Friday, February 25, 2011

Planet VeGMeL week (Part 5) - Where's the Beef Lentil Tacos

Where's the Beef was a definite on my list for Planet VeGMeL week and probably led me to the most difficult decision for this week as Cindy and Michael have racked up so many delicious recipes over their years of blogging. I chopped and changed my mind so many times and finally asked the man what he felt like tonight, the response of Mexican was fairly typical so I went with the Lentil Tacos which features on their Where's the Best list.

As tempted as I may have been to add some tomatoes to the mix, I decided to stay true to the recipe and use some salsa as a topping instead. The thing I didn't use was a taco seasoning mix as I haven't bothered with these for a while and more recently have been using the K's recipe or or a slight alteration of the one she posted on her blog. The spiced lentils were a piece of cake to throw together, perfect for a Friday evening when take-away is usually on the cards. I was feeling too lazy to make my own salsa, instead opting to use a store bought one, however I did have the energy to make a simple guacamole.

After tasting the spiced lentils, I decided against adding chipotle chillies to the vegan sour cream as the taco mix gave the lentils a decent amount of heat. I like the idea of smoky chipotles in the sour cream and will definitely try it another day. This was a deliciously easy dinner and perfect for the end of the week when you are feeling a bit weary.

There are so many other recipes that I still must try from Where's the Beef and a couple of other favourites I have loved to date are Vegan Sausage Rolls which get a look in almost every month and Asparagus stir-fry which I must make again now I have a proper wok. Cindy and Michael have also led me to some fantastic recipes in Viva Vegan that I may not have otherwise selected.

Only 2 days are remaining of Planet VeGMeL week...


  1. I love where's the beef too - those sausage rolls are amazing - though I haven't tried these tacos - smoke sour cream sounds good

  2. We're really chuffed to rate a spot in your VeGMeL week! (I think there are enough blogs there for the energetic blogger to do a whole MONTH of posts...).

    Funnily enough, we've also be skipping the supermarket seasoning lately and mixing up our own inspired by the Mood For Noodles post. I completely agree that this is perfect Friday night fare. :-)

  3. Johanna - what's not to love about where's the beef? The chipotle sour cream will definitely get a guernsey next Mexican night.

    Cindy - Where's the beef was always going to be part of my week as I have enjoyed many of your recipes before. The only tough decision was which recipe to try. The supermarket taco seasoning tastes so artificial and salty now that I am used to making it.