Monday, April 11, 2011

Hot cross(less) buns

Reflecting on Easter brings back childhood memories of unwillingly being dragged along to countless drawn out church services. The one thing that always made it cheerier were the hot cross buns that used to be a standard offering from Easter Saturday onwards. Like most children I always looked forward to chocolate eggs on the Sunday, however it is hot cross buns that have remained my favourite part of Easter fare to this day. 

The last couple of years Easter has snuck up so quickly that I have missed the boat in attempting to make some hot cross buns, so I was determined that this wasn't going to be the case this year. With no plans on a Sunday afternoon and the housework more or less up to date, this was my perfect opportunity.

I saved a hot cross bun recipe a year ago when Ashley @ Eat me delicious posted it, however this recipe is credited back to Johanna @ Green Gourmet Giraffe. Only a couple of vegan substitutes were required, soy milk for the milk and dairy-free margarine for the butter. During the process of making the buns I decided to go against the norm and leave the crosses off. My thought process went something like this...     

OK, so it's time to make the cross mixture. Hmm, it's only flour and water... Why not leave them off, it's not going to affect the taste. Actually, yeah I will leave them off! I would probably make a mess of them and them will end up looking terrible anyway...

So that's how they came to be the buns that are pictured above. They tasted fantastic which was the most important part for me although they didn't seem complete without the crosses. Next time I make a batch, I'll have to push my rebellious anti-religious tendencies aside and make them the way they are supposed to be made.   

Johanna's recipe is very thorough and explanatory of the many processes involved in making the buns so I won't bother rewriting the recipe but I encourage anyone wanting to try a Hot Cross Buns recipe to give this one a go. I would also like to thank Johanna again for handing out a Stylish Blogger award to me. It was such a lovely surprise and very rewarding to receive this from a person whose blog I have admired and been inspired by for so long.  :D


  1. Glad you enjoyed the buns - I love the chewy wide crosses on the ones I make - I know most people try and get them thin but not me. And I am sure you can find a pagan explanation of the crosses - you can do for most religious traditions. Or just make one up. I'm hoping to bake a batch in the next week or so - had my first bought ones on the weekend and they were wonderful

  2. I'd probably just make a different shape on top with the flour mixture, like a smiley face :P

    They look good!

  3. Johanna, these buns are fantastic! I was never a huge fan of the chewy crosses but I know many people are. Although there are still some in the freezer I want to make another batch if I can find the time.

    Thanks Joanne, a smiley face is a good idea. :D