Sunday, October 16, 2011

Vegan MoFo - N is for Noodles

N is for noodles because they are such a wonderful versatile food. I often cook different types of noodle dishes on weeknights as they are generally quick meals to prepare. Char Kueh Teow is a delicious dish made with fresh flat rice noodles that has been on regular rotation since I tried Steph from vegan about town's version earlier this year.

The noodles are flavoured with garlic, chilli, light and dark soy sauce and stir-fried with a few vegetables and tofu. One thing I love about this recipe is that the tofu is crumbled rather than cut into cubes or strips. I usually break up the tofu in a bowl and marinate it with a dash of soy sauce for about 30 minutes to give it some extra flavour.

I have blogged about Char Keuh Teow previously but didn't post a recipe. Next post will feature two recipes for the letter O so I'll leave this post short for now and be back with more tomorrow.

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  1. we had rice noodles tonight and I wasn't quite sure they were right - wish I was more familiar with such dishes but it is hard to order adventurously in many asian restaurants I have been to when ordering veg*n - this one sounds great - rice noodles are such great comfort food

  2. I love these sorts of noodle dishes :) I'm not really a fan of regular pasta, at least not on a regular basis, but the Asian styles and flavours work wonderfully.

  3. I love noodles too but I hardly ever make them. This looks like such a good dinner too!

  4. Johanna, I find the asian restaurants in my area can vary in what they have to offer. A few are totally useless whereas others have a handful of veg*n options.

    You should definitely try it K, it's quick and delicious.

    Kari, I totally agree with you. I do enjoy pasta every now and then but asian food is a lot more versatile and so tasty.

    Thanks Mandee, it's a great recipe and the fresh rice noodles are beautiful in it.