Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Vegan MoFo - W is for White Rice & Black Beans

A few posts back I mentioned that I have just started some recipe testing for Terry Hope Romero's new cookbook. I don't think I conveyed how thrilled I am to have this opportunity as my stress levels were rather high at the time. When I initially checked out the recipe index for testing, I searched for a couple of things that would fit in with the remainder of my MoFo theme to ease my workload a little.

Last night I tested a recipe called White Rice & Black Beans which was nice enough but it hasn't been a standout meal from testing so far. I found myself comparing it to Gallo Pinto (Costa Rican Refried Rice and Beans) from Viva Vegan but the flavours in this meal weren't as interesting. It was one of the simplest recipes I have tested, with minimal prep work and a fairly quick cooking time so from that perspective it was a win.

I served the rice and beans with guacamole, cashew crema and hot sauce although half-way through the meal I remembered there was some left-over sofrito in the fridge and we found that this was a really good addition.

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  1. This looks so simple and delicious. I love the combo of avocado and hot sauce :)

  2. Even though it might not have been the best of the batch, it sure looks simple & satisfying! The guac on top really makes it shine.

  3. that's funny that you are not only posting by the alphabet but also testing by the alphabet! I don't think you understated your excitement at testing but I did sense that the timing was unfortunate

    and your meal looks pretty - I should google it but am racing about so will just ask - what is sofrito - I know the word but can't think what food it refers to

  4. A recipe like this is one I have strong memories of from childhood - it's one of my Mum's favourites :) Her (nomadic) family spent a few years living in Jamaica when she was a teenager and I think she got a taste for these sorts of dishes there. She might have had more flavours in the mix than this recipe though as I do recall the taste being quite captivating.

  5. I would love that for dinner, especially with the avo on top, yum!

  6. Thanks laceylovesfood!

    Thanks Jes, I felt a bit bad posting this because I didn't love it as much as other recipes but I needed to fit something into my theme.

    Johanna, sofrito is basically onions, garlic and capsicums cooked in a large amount of oil for a long period. I'm sure you would have looked it up by now though!

    Kari, that's so interesting to hear of your Mum's background. This recipe comes from around that region, rice and beans probably tastes slightly different depending on the country.

    Thanks Mandee!